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Audition/ Performance Coaching
& Business Consultation

A Directors Perspective: 

As an interdisciplinary theater professional and former casting director, I have experience auditioning in front of the table and the knowledge of what it's like to sit behind the casting table. I have  gained a deep understanding of the industry and can guide performers through the audition process. I help performers understand themselves better as actors. I can share tips from this ever evolving industry as well as techniques that I have taught many students as a professor at Drew University and Laguardia Community; in addition to my work with NYU, The New School, Disney Discovers, Circle Theater Group, and Kane University’s emerging performers. Book a session with me to refine your skills,  get Individualized attention, personalized feedback, guidance on how to navigate the competitive nature of this industry to strengthen your performance and Book That Role! 

Emergency Audition Coaching 

Give your audition the edge & Unlock your potential! With a little guidance you can nail your audition and land the role of your dreams. During our session, we will look at your audition material together, analyze the text, discuss story, POV, and more to get you ready for your audition or self tape.  

$75/hr online; $100/hr In person


Creating a Show Consultation 

Do you want to tell your story? Have you written a play or musical and are looking for collaborators to develop it? Let me help you bring this work into reality.  This consultation includes planning, figuring out the best strategy for your production and creative solutions. 

$50/ 30 min.; $75 for additional hrs (+2) in a session


Serving C.U.N.T

Channel your Charisma!

Unearth your Unique Acting Skills!

Nurture your Nerve! 

Transform your Talent! 

Never acted before? Or are you feeling insecure when it comes to creating characters or improvising? This package hosted both virtually and in person, teaches your the essence of acting. Learn how to analyze text, create characters, and get comfortable with improvisation. 

$100/hr online; $75 for additional hrs (+2) in a session

$125/hr In person


Directing Mentorship

Do you have questions about Directing? Have a (rehearsal, tech, collaboration) problem you can't solve and need assistance? Schedule a time with me and we can talk through how to make your vision a reality.

$70/hr online; $85/hr In person


Show Business: Survival Guide 

Don't just survive, Thrive in your career! Gain essential skills to boost your career. In this session we will discuss taxes, healthcare, survival jobs that don't suck, networking/ finding collaborating artists, marketing yourself, and more.

$90/hr online


Get in Touch

Book a session through the links above or inquire more via email here

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